Winter makes me feel nostalgic

Despite the fact that I have specific memories for each season, winter brings me the biggest nostalgic feeling. I remember my childhood most often when I walk around the frozen lake in the park in my hometown of Nitra. Winters used to be colder than nowadays (except for this year), that´s why I used to regularly go ice skating and play ice hockey on the lake. I was freezing, but I was so glad I was playing winter sports that I didn´t feel it. After my parents finally succeeded in bringing me home, it was the right time for my favorite rituals. While my mom was preparing a hot coco for me, I would wash my hands in warm water to unfreeze them. I would put my feet on a warm radiator and grab the coco into my hands.

Back then I was happy that I wasn´t part of the adult world. They used to complain about winter and the snow and they could not get to work easily or go shopping. I also went to school every day but in contrast to them, I prolonged my way home to enjoy the snow. I made a few angels in the snow field, I collected icicles and built a nice snowman.

But times are changing and I grew up too. I became an adult so quickly and naturally that I didn´t even realized it. Instead of sliding on the ice, I take care not to fall down. I don´t remember how a real snowball fight looks like and I don´t remember when I built a snowman for the last time.

Despite of all of this, I wouldn´t want to go back to my childhood times. But sometimes, when I remember my childish me, I try to bring it again into my everyday life.








posledným snehom

končí môj vzťah so zimou


roztápa sa ako vločka

na dlani

a ja sa nestíham čudovať

koľko mrázu vo mne ešte zostalo


topí sa predo mnou snehuliak

pozvem ho dnu

na teplý čaj

a nohou odklepávam sekundy



končí  sa môj zimný vzťah

a  s ním prichádza

nové ročné obdobie