Winter makes me feel nostalgic

Despite the fact that I have specific memories for each season, winter brings me the biggest nostalgic feeling. I remember my childhood most often when I walk around the frozen lake in the park in my hometown of Nitra. Winters used to be colder than nowadays (except for this year), that´s why I used to regularly go ice skating and play ice hockey on the lake. I was freezing, but I was so glad I was playing winter sports that I didn´t feel it. After my parents finally succeeded in bringing me home, it was the right time for my favorite rituals. While my mom was preparing a hot coco for me, I would wash my hands in warm water to unfreeze them. I would put my feet on a warm radiator and grab the coco into my hands.

Back then I was happy that I wasn´t part of the adult world. They used to complain about winter and the snow and they could not get to work easily or go shopping. I also went to school every day but in contrast to them, I prolonged my way home to enjoy the snow. I made a few angels in the snow field, I collected icicles and built a nice snowman.

But times are changing and I grew up too. I became an adult so quickly and naturally that I didn´t even realized it. Instead of sliding on the ice, I take care not to fall down. I don´t remember how a real snowball fight looks like and I don´t remember when I built a snowman for the last time.

Despite of all of this, I wouldn´t want to go back to my childhood times. But sometimes, when I remember my childish me, I try to bring it again into my everyday life.



Discovering new places


Rada sa túlam. Keď som na výlete, vyhľadávam skôr nejaké skryté zákutia ako turistické atrakcie. Nastúpim do verejnej dopravy a vystúpim kde sa mi zapáči. Spontánne, intuitívne alebo ma len jednoducho zaujme názov zastávky. Musím povedať, že práve z takýchto výletov mám najlepšie zážitky a spomienky. Poobzerám sa, pofotím si čo ma zaujme a idem ďalej.

V živote a aj pri fotení je dôležité byť zvedavý, hľadať a skúmať nové miesta. Pozrieť sa za roh budovy, ktorá sa vám páči, ísť ďalej po tej cestičke. Nebáť sa zašpiniť a zatúlať sa.

Skúste to napríklad aj vo vašom meste. Všetci máme pocit, že svoje mesto poznáme dokonale, ale vždy sa nájdu nepreskúmané zákutia alebo novo postavené budovy.
Stante sa na chvíľu turistom vo vašom meste. Nájsť pekný priestor na fotenie je na nezaplatenie a možno tak objavíte miesto, kam budete radi chodiť.

finding new places

I like to roam around. When I am on a trip, I prefer to discover some hidden places to visit touristic attractions. I board the bus and get off just where I feel to do it. Intuitively, spontaneously or just by following interesting name of a bus stop. I need to add that these types of trips bring me the best experiences and memories.

Curiosity is very important when taking pictures. You have to explore and search for new hidden places. Look around the corner of the building, which you like, go further. Don´t be afraid of getting lost or filthy.
You don´t necessary have to be in a different city or country. Try to become a tourist in your hometown. To find a nice location for taking pictures is priceless of it and maybe you will find a place which you will visit again and again.