Why do I love being sick


I always have to smile when I think about the times when I laid in bed all day drinking tea, playing computer games and reading one book after another. The biggest effort I made in those days was copying homework from my classmates and calling them in order to find out what I had missed at school. The days when I was sick during my school years looked exactly like this.

When I was older, relaxing in bed didn´t satisfy me as much as it did before. I preferred to be outside with friends. I got bored very easily and after a short time I wished to go back to school. And nowadays it is the same. I cannot just sit at home without doing anything. I always have some idea and I need to do it right this instant!

I am writing this article while lying on my bed. My only company is a thick blanket and at least 5 pillows, one of which has a battery-powered heating function. I am sick so I decided to relax just like before. I am at the end of another book, listening to old Coldplay records and I am drinking one cup of tea after another. Everything is as before.

There are just a few things that had changed. I don´t need to copy homework. The genres of books and movies had changed. But these are just small things. The most important is that I am lying in the same room, playing the same computer games and the same mom is taking care of me.

In addition, I realize that health is the most important thing and I only have the flu which doesn´t complicate my life.