Talk to your grandma

in a garden

Instead of being a mother I always wished to be a grandmother. In my eyes, being grandmother is connected with baking cookies, living in a village, having fun with grandchildren and being a good friend to them.

During the weekends I usually visit my grandma, who lives in a village near my hometown. I love those visits, because I feel calmer and I have the feeling that life in a village is simpler.

But it’s not just life in a village, but life of the older generation in general. They see everything differently and more simplified than us.

My grandma is almost 90 years old, so she has much more experiences than me. She doesn´t speak that much, but when she says something I take it seriously.

When I was looking for a job and I didn´t have much luck, all the people around me were trying to encourage me. I have heard the same sentences every day: „what has to come, comes in the right moment, everything will be all right, don´t worry. “ Actually, I don´t like to hear it, because it usually doesn´t help me feel better.

During this time I was talking to my grandma as well. I was sitting in her house, drinking coffee and eating cookies as usual and I was talking about my situation. My grandma just said: „Stanka, everything is as it should be, everything comes in the right time. „It was the same sentence, which I have heard a hundred times, but this time I felt that it made sense. The words from someone who lived during the Second World War are much stronger than words from my peers.

The older I get, I appreciate older people even more. The words from someone, who´s life is so different and much harder, are priceless.

When you are not satisfied with your life, try talking to your grandma.


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