Your home can be anywhere

things I like to have around me

This week I have moved to a flat away from my parent’s flat. I have accessorized my bedroom for a long time and finally it started to look how I’ve always wished it would and I’ve finally felt like I could really relax there. But the situation has changed and I need to move to a flat in another city and start from the beginning.

I felt uncomfortable during the first days in my new home. It was just because my new room misses things which are typical for me and which I need them to have around me. I need to have at least one shelf with my favorite things to feel happy. There are such things which always have to be around me: anything in blue color, a thermos with hot tea, diaries where I can write my ideas, a book I’m currently reading  and my favorite earrings.


I have realized that there is one important thing which I always have to do right after coming to a new place. I need to unbag all of my stuff and it doesn´t matter if it is hotel and I am staying there one night or longer. I need to feel that I belong there.

And for sure, a place cannot be called home when you don´t have your favorite cup in there!

Today after work I am going shopping. I am going to buy the best cup I have ever seen just to feel like myself every day. Just to feel at home.

clock and flowerred flowerhanging lampearrings



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