Imagine that you don´t have a head

no head

There was a time in my life  when I was reading a lot of motivational books. When I finished one, I started to read another one hoping  to  find some useful advice which would completely change my life. To be honest, most of them didn´t help me at all. To find something really useful was a miracle.

I am a  person who thinks a lot. Sometimes I think so much that it gives me a headache. I make my own predictions which are probably never going to happen. I am a very doubtful person and when it comes to some important desicions, I need to take a lot of  time to decide correctly. Maybe that´s why I was trying to escape to the world of these books and find an answer there.

One friend lent me a book from the mystic, guru and spiritual teacher Osho. His ideas are usually very controversial, but it is interesting reading as well.  I have found there one sentance which resonated in my head  for a very long time. The sentence was very simple: Imagine that you don´t have a head. Not to have a head means not to care about what the others think about me, to live in the present and follow my feelings instead of concentrating on my thoughts.

Sometimes  I need to take a  rest and just be. I need to walk and don´t think about anything.

I need to leave my head at home.


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