Talk to your grandma

in a garden

Instead of being a mother I always wished to be a grandmother. In my eyes, being grandmother is connected with baking cookies, living in a village, having fun with grandchildren and being a good friend to them.

During the weekends I usually visit my grandma, who lives in a village near my hometown. I love those visits, because I feel calmer and I have the feeling that life in a village is simpler.

But it’s not just life in a village, but life of the older generation in general. They see everything differently and more simplified than us.

My grandma is almost 90 years old, so she has much more experiences than me. She doesn´t speak that much, but when she says something I take it seriously.

When I was looking for a job and I didn´t have much luck, all the people around me were trying to encourage me. I have heard the same sentences every day: „what has to come, comes in the right moment, everything will be all right, don´t worry. “ Actually, I don´t like to hear it, because it usually doesn´t help me feel better.

During this time I was talking to my grandma as well. I was sitting in her house, drinking coffee and eating cookies as usual and I was talking about my situation. My grandma just said: „Stanka, everything is as it should be, everything comes in the right time. „It was the same sentence, which I have heard a hundred times, but this time I felt that it made sense. The words from someone who lived during the Second World War are much stronger than words from my peers.

The older I get, I appreciate older people even more. The words from someone, who´s life is so different and much harder, are priceless.

When you are not satisfied with your life, try talking to your grandma.


Pets as an idol

sleeping pets

Watching my three small degus relaxing is awesome. Their faces and their whole bodies are totally relaxed and there´s nothing more important for them in that moment except sleeping. They are sleeping all together and watching them really brings a smile to my face and makes me feel sleepy.

They don´t have a cell phone and I envy them, because there is no unimportant phone call that could disturb them. No alarm which would wake them up to go to work. They just do what they feel and like.

They relax without watching TV, sitting in front of a computer or reading a book. They can be happy and satisfied without the newest model of an IPhone.

There are situations in my life when I want to switch with them and be a pet in a cage. Unfortunately, it´s not possible, but I all I can do is to have them as an idol and be able to relax my whole mind and body as they do. Turn off my cell phone and the internet, let everything be and don´t care about anything. Just like all the animals do.

Your home can be anywhere

things I like to have around me

This week I have moved to a flat away from my parent’s flat. I have accessorized my bedroom for a long time and finally it started to look how I’ve always wished it would and I’ve finally felt like I could really relax there. But the situation has changed and I need to move to a flat in another city and start from the beginning.

I felt uncomfortable during the first days in my new home. It was just because my new room misses things which are typical for me and which I need them to have around me. I need to have at least one shelf with my favorite things to feel happy. There are such things which always have to be around me: anything in blue color, a thermos with hot tea, diaries where I can write my ideas, a book I’m currently reading  and my favorite earrings.


I have realized that there is one important thing which I always have to do right after coming to a new place. I need to unbag all of my stuff and it doesn´t matter if it is hotel and I am staying there one night or longer. I need to feel that I belong there.

And for sure, a place cannot be called home when you don´t have your favorite cup in there!

Today after work I am going shopping. I am going to buy the best cup I have ever seen just to feel like myself every day. Just to feel at home.

clock and flowerred flowerhanging lampearrings


Imagine that you don´t have a head

no head

There was a time in my life  when I was reading a lot of motivational books. When I finished one, I started to read another one hoping  to  find some useful advice which would completely change my life. To be honest, most of them didn´t help me at all. To find something really useful was a miracle.

I am a  person who thinks a lot. Sometimes I think so much that it gives me a headache. I make my own predictions which are probably never going to happen. I am a very doubtful person and when it comes to some important desicions, I need to take a lot of  time to decide correctly. Maybe that´s why I was trying to escape to the world of these books and find an answer there.

One friend lent me a book from the mystic, guru and spiritual teacher Osho. His ideas are usually very controversial, but it is interesting reading as well.  I have found there one sentance which resonated in my head  for a very long time. The sentence was very simple: Imagine that you don´t have a head. Not to have a head means not to care about what the others think about me, to live in the present and follow my feelings instead of concentrating on my thoughts.

Sometimes  I need to take a  rest and just be. I need to walk and don´t think about anything.

I need to leave my head at home.