Morning is for sleeping

don´t want to wake up

„Morning is for sleeping“. This part of Coldplay´s song Cemeteries in London sounds in my head while waking up at 4:30 am. Waking up early in the morning is problematic for me since my childhood and it didn´t change when I grew up. Unfortunately, I have to do it because I need to catch a bus which takes me to the capitol city, where I work.

„Morning is for sleeping“. I still can´t get it out of my head. It´s cold, I am walking to the bus station and feeling angry because my alarm disturbed me from my sweet dreams. I am walking and all I need to do is persuade my body that waking up is the best thing that could ever happen to me.

don´t want to wake up
I am trying to concentrate on the fresh breeze and I cannot wait to sit in the bus. It´s my favorite part of a morning (and also the only one I like). There is nothing more relaxing for me than sleeping in the bus and listening to music. This one hour of travelling gives me more energy than coffee or a black tea.

The journey back is the same. I am sleeping in the bus and I am enjoying it. It helps me to forget the job and prepare for the other part of the day, which is my free time.
After this, I come back home with a feeling that waking up is not so bad and I will start to like it very soon.

This feeling lasts till the next morning, when I need to wake up again at 4:30, walk to the bus station when it´s snowing and then be able to work in spite of being tired. I am trying to make friends with earliness, but it doesn´t work. It doesn´t want to be friends with me.

morning is for sleeping
I don´t expect that our relationship will ever change, but I am okay with it. Anyway, I will always think that the morning was made for sleeping…

i want to sleep

The author of the attached pictures is Nishe and I used them because they exactly describe mornings, when I really don´t want to wake up :).


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