Why are you alone?


When I was younger, I thought that people who sit alone in a pub are weird and don´t have any friends. I was sitting in the pub with my friends and I was looking at a guy sitting in the corner. He was looking at the window and he was concentrated just on the glass of wine in his hand. There was nobody to talk to him.

I felt sorry for him and I really wanted to know why he is sitting alone. Is he waiting for someone, is he a stranger and doesn´t know anybody in the city?

Another time I have seen a guy who was sitting and writing something into his notepad. He was  probadly a writer working on some new article or poem. I was very curious – what is he writing? Is he listening to our conversation in order to get inspiration? Why would he come to a pub alone?

These people were weird and interesting to me at the same time. Then I have realized that I never visit public places alone. I have never been in a gallery, cinema or a pub alone. I was afraid that the others would think that I am a boring person and nobody wants to be friends with me.

I have found some exhibition which was interesting for me and I went to the gallery alone. I didn´t feel very comfortable while stepping into the room. I don´t know what I was afraid of. Maybe it was because of that silence and the feeling that everyone is staring at me. But of course, nobody did.

I realized that I missed a lot of interesting events, just because I was scared to enter a place alone. Instead of having some fun, I stayed at home sitting and doing nothing. Anyway, I live in a small city and there´s always someone I can meet randomly. And it is a great opportunity to meet new people with the same interests as well.

Now I do it more often. And I know that it doesn´t mean that I don´t have any friends. It just means that my friends didn´t have free time or weren´t interested. I am a normal human being and I need to be alone sometimes. That´s all.

I have learned not to judge other people when they do something that I am not used to. I have learned that being alone from time to time is more than necessary.

(photo by Miloš Miko)


8 thoughts on “Why are you alone?

  1. To je krásné zamyšlení. Děkuji za tvoji angličtinu, je čtivá. Moc anglicky neumím, a přitom všemu jsem rozuměla. No asi moc lidi nevyhledávám ani cizojazyčně mluvící a taky se nerada učím, takže už jsem zapomněla…


    • Ahoj, som rada, že sa ti páči moja angličtina :)…Ja píšem tak ako viem, snažím sa radšej jednoduchšie a bez chýb …pre rodených angličanov to zas ale asi znie príliš jednoducho..ďakujem za komentár 🙂


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