Morning is for sleeping

don´t want to wake up

„Morning is for sleeping“. This part of Coldplay´s song Cemeteries in London sounds in my head while waking up at 4:30 am. Waking up early in the morning is problematic for me since my childhood and it didn´t change when I grew up. Unfortunately, I have to do it because I need to catch a bus which takes me to the capitol city, where I work.

„Morning is for sleeping“. I still can´t get it out of my head. It´s cold, I am walking to the bus station and feeling angry because my alarm disturbed me from my sweet dreams. I am walking and all I need to do is persuade my body that waking up is the best thing that could ever happen to me.

don´t want to wake up
I am trying to concentrate on the fresh breeze and I cannot wait to sit in the bus. It´s my favorite part of a morning (and also the only one I like). There is nothing more relaxing for me than sleeping in the bus and listening to music. This one hour of travelling gives me more energy than coffee or a black tea.

The journey back is the same. I am sleeping in the bus and I am enjoying it. It helps me to forget the job and prepare for the other part of the day, which is my free time.
After this, I come back home with a feeling that waking up is not so bad and I will start to like it very soon.

This feeling lasts till the next morning, when I need to wake up again at 4:30, walk to the bus station when it´s snowing and then be able to work in spite of being tired. I am trying to make friends with earliness, but it doesn´t work. It doesn´t want to be friends with me.

morning is for sleeping
I don´t expect that our relationship will ever change, but I am okay with it. Anyway, I will always think that the morning was made for sleeping…

i want to sleep

The author of the attached pictures is Nishe and I used them because they exactly describe mornings, when I really don´t want to wake up :).

Why are you alone?


When I was younger, I thought that people who sit alone in a pub are weird and don´t have any friends. I was sitting in the pub with my friends and I was looking at a guy sitting in the corner. He was looking at the window and he was concentrated just on the glass of wine in his hand. There was nobody to talk to him.

I felt sorry for him and I really wanted to know why he is sitting alone. Is he waiting for someone, is he a stranger and doesn´t know anybody in the city?

Another time I have seen a guy who was sitting and writing something into his notepad. He was  probadly a writer working on some new article or poem. I was very curious – what is he writing? Is he listening to our conversation in order to get inspiration? Why would he come to a pub alone?

These people were weird and interesting to me at the same time. Then I have realized that I never visit public places alone. I have never been in a gallery, cinema or a pub alone. I was afraid that the others would think that I am a boring person and nobody wants to be friends with me.

I have found some exhibition which was interesting for me and I went to the gallery alone. I didn´t feel very comfortable while stepping into the room. I don´t know what I was afraid of. Maybe it was because of that silence and the feeling that everyone is staring at me. But of course, nobody did.

I realized that I missed a lot of interesting events, just because I was scared to enter a place alone. Instead of having some fun, I stayed at home sitting and doing nothing. Anyway, I live in a small city and there´s always someone I can meet randomly. And it is a great opportunity to meet new people with the same interests as well.

Now I do it more often. And I know that it doesn´t mean that I don´t have any friends. It just means that my friends didn´t have free time or weren´t interested. I am a normal human being and I need to be alone sometimes. That´s all.

I have learned not to judge other people when they do something that I am not used to. I have learned that being alone from time to time is more than necessary.

(photo by Miloš Miko)

Free time for free

timeSometimes it doesn´t seam very easy to find some interesting and cheap ways of spending your free time. Everywhere you go, you need to pay for something – for coffee, shopping, tickets. Most of us want to know how to save money, but we don´t want to sit alone at home doing nothing around. So, I have decided to find a few tips how you can spend your free without putting a strain on your wallet.

1. Invite your friends – make cofee or tea for them, prepare some biscuits. I am sure that you have something to offer at home, so you don´t need to buy anything. The best thing about it is that there is a 90 per cent chance that your friends will invite you to their flats and you can spend another nice evening without losing money. For a nice talk with your friends you don´t need to sit in cafe´s. Just stay at home and have a great time.

2. Film evening, instead of visiting the cinema. You can invite your friends again, prepare popcorn and make an atmosphere as if you were in cinema. A big advantage is that you can watch movies that you like and don´t need to follow what´s new in the cinema. Your friends will surely appreciate the possibility to spend nice evening without paying for a ticket.
Another good choice could be visiting a movie club. If you live in a bigger city, you should have no problem finding one. It is not for free, but probably much cheaper than the cinema. And if you think that you have a more acquired taste in film, it is also a much better choice for you than visiting the cinema.

3. Take a walk – this is my favourite way of spending free time. You can be on the fresh air, with a friend or alone, have a nice sightseeing tour. You can discover your city and feel like a tourist in your hometown. I love walking. I am able to walk for hours and hours without thinking where I am going. When I really don´t want to spend any money, I leave my wallet at home and just take a bottle of water with me. There is nothing else I need during this time.

take a walk
5. Cultural events – People from big cities are in a better position again, but also in small cities you can find free exhibitions or concerts. Follow the website of your city and maybe you will be surprised that there is much more happening than you expected. I do the same. Visiting photography exhibitions and museums is my other favorite way how to spend my free time.
If there is nothing for free, most of the galleries or museum aren´t so expensive, so from time to time you can visit them.
6. Shopping is in general a popular way of spending free time. But it is the most expensive as well.  I have decided – no shopping anymore. I know that especially women want to always buy some new clothes. But we have a lot of them at home, we just need to use them! Ask your friend to help you make new outfits from clothes you don´t wear very often. It really helps, your friend has a different style of clothing, a different point of view. And you will have a nice time as well.

7. Develop your skills and hobbies. There is nothing more useful, funny and cheaper than to develop your photographic, musical, writing or other skills. If you already have an instrument, you just need patience, and determination to do it. You don´t need any teachers or videos and articles on the internet are for free. Try to do it every day for at least half an hour and you will see the results. You will have a nice time and again – it´s for free.:)

guitar player
8. Jogging. There are a lot of opportunities what to do when you want to take care of your body. Gym, fitness, zumba and various new kinds of exercises. But we all know jogging and we all know that it´s for free. I believe that it´s very hard to go jogging when it´s winter, but it´s a challenge for sure. Sometimes if I have to decide between going out in the winter or staying at home, I choose the second option. But as I said, it´s a challenge.


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