From time to time I need to leave


From time to time I need to leave. I need to leave the city where I live, the people I am with every day. And just travel. Even if I spend only a few days outside, I come back home calmer, I smile more and I am happy to see my lovely home town.

Last time when I was out of our borders was back in September. That is why my desire to leave was so strong, although January is probably not the best time for making trips. But for me, no problem.The answer to the question “where am I going” couldn´t be easier. I always have some travel dreams and there was always a reason behind it. I usually want to see some new place, but not in this case.

I have spent half a year of my studies in the capital city of Poland – Warsaw. I really had a great time there, felt in love with the country, the atmosphere and the situations which I experienced. It was last winter and I have planned to come back in the summer, autumn or in december, but one of the reasons why I didn´t do it was that I still missed these great times and didn´t know how I would feel there, especially without friends I have met during these times who are not there anymore.snow in warsawwarsaw

Now, a few days ago, after one year, I visited the streets and places which are connected to my best memories. The first day I was walking these streets alone and I felt a little bit nostalgic, but mostly happy and thankful. I realized how important it is to learn from every meeting, to enjoy every moment and realized that the fact that people are leaving from your life is normal. I realized that there´s nothing more important in my life than people. The ones I am not in touch with anymore and the ones who are still in my life and maybe always will be. The same place would never be the same if it wasn´t connected with some original situation and original people.


I visited places which were part of my everyday life and I felt like It was yesterday. I have met people I haven´t seen for a year and felt that nothing changed and we continue in the same conversation we had before. I have only realized how I have changed. Or maybe not me, but my plans and dreams. During those times I have met more people than I have met during my whole life and they all formed me. I always thought that you can make strong friendships only when you have a lot fo time to do it, but this experience helped me to understand that time is not important.snowman

From time to time I need to sit in a bus with the headphones on and think about my life, I need to meet people with different lives and dreams to become my inspiration.

From time to time I need to look at the past and appreciate that everything that had ever happened in my life has its own reason.


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