How to spend your free time effectively

Sometimes we have the feeling that we don´t spend our time effectively and we waste it. But we usually realize it when it´s too late.

I have recently graduated from university and when I am looking back at my studies time, I know that I didn´t enjoy it as much as I could have. I could have learned more, worked harder, made more for my future, developed my skills. Even if I have always had some free time activities  such as guitar or photography lessons and part time jobs, I still feel that I have not spent this time effectively enough.

I cannot change the past even if I wanted to. But I can change my future, in order not to regret anything again. Here are some of my tips.

1. Learn languages. I like reading books, especially in the slovak, my mother tongue. It´s easy and that´s also the reason why i do it, but it is much more effective to read books in foreign languages. You can have a rest by reading and you can improve your skills at the same time. You just need to get used to it and it will be easy for you. I also love to write in my mother tongue, but I gave priority to english. Maybe you don´t need to use languages at this moment, but you never know when your skills could help you.


2. Watch documentaries. Almost everyone likes to relax by watching TV after coming back from work or school. There is nothing wrong with that, but watching TV shows all day doesn´t teach you anything new. Interesting and also more useful could be watching documentaries. There are plenty of them, so you can choose what you are interested in or maybe something that is completely new for you.Or if you really prefer to watch TV shows, it could also be useful to watch them in a foreign language. I like to watch TV in a those languages that I am actually learning – that means german, polish or english :).

watching TV

3. Activities with friends. When I meet up with my friends, we usually go for a beer or coffee. And I love it! It´s the best way of relaxing, but why not to try something else? Find a friend who can play some musical instrument, so you can play or sing together. Find some model or you can be a model for your friend who likes taking pictures. You can produce handmade jewellery together, write a shared blog, make a discussion group about movies or books or create something completely new! You just need to be creative.Your friendship will become stronger, you will have a nice time and you will spend your free time effectively :).


4. Use your imagination. When you are relaxing, try to think about your dreams and imagine how your ideal life would look like. Try to imagine what you appreciate in your life. Just close your eyes, relax a let your mood become positive. And why do I think that it´s effective? Because I believe that our thoughts and what we imagine has an impact on our future.


 Do you sometimes have a feeling that you are wasting your time? What does “spending free time effectively” mean for you ? 🙂

Next time I will write how to spend free time without spending any money!


7 thoughts on “How to spend your free time effectively

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  2. Love this blog post! ❤ It sounds like we are both very similar in our ideas of spending our free time. I am trying to pick up Chinese because my boyfriend is Chinese and I have lived in China for 3 years. I am also trying to do more things with friend that are different. I'll be writing a blog post about it on my Tea Talk Wednesday<3 maybe you can stop by and tell me what you think. Same goes to the TV, I am trying to do as much in college so it will prepare me for the "real life". Relaxing with a cup of tea is always a great time to reflect on dreams and your ideal life.

    have a wonderful Sunday!


  3. I think these are all good ideas, but I also have this hedonistic belief, that sometimes a free time should really be that – just free, without anything at all, so our brains and souls can truly and fully rest and recover. 🙂

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