Room inspirations


I am not usually a neat person (anyone who had ever shared a room with me knows it), but I am always looking forward to do the Christmas cleaning . What I like about it is throwing away the old things and making changes in my room. I feel like I am getting rid of an old energy and making place for a new, better one.

This year I have dumped out three full bags of useless stuff. And I am proud of it. When I was younger, I used to keep my childhood memories and doing these cleanings wasn´t so easy for me.

Now it´s much much better, but I still wasn´t able to get rid of some of the old useless things. So, I decided to give them a new meaning and use them again, but differently.

I have two guitars at home – one of them is quite new and I use to play it and the other one is old and  I don´t play it anymore. Now it is hanging on the wall instead of a frame and I think it makes my room special.


The other idea I am proud of was to use an old skateboard as a shelf. I got it from a friend a few years ago and I have never used it before.


My earings are hanging on an old T-shirt on cloth-hanger. But to be honest, it wasn´t my idea, my friend did it first in her room. I am a very messy person and when I am in a hurry, I have a problem to find all the necessary things. Finding the right earrings is not a problem anymore.


To make small changes doesn´t take too much time, but that feeling after realizing your ideas is priceless :).

Have you ever done something similar in your room?


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